Oil Change Center

iPhone Apps for Oil Change Centers

Most oil change centers rely upon repeat business. How do you attract new customers and keep the current customers coming back at regular intervals?

Put Yourself in Front of Your Customers Every Day!

Offer an iPhone App that the customer will use each week.

Every time the customer uses your iPhone app, the opening page is your Oil Change Center’s Phone number and contact information. They can easily call to schedule an appointment by simply touching your phone number. Same thing with your email address.

But here’s the kicker – your customized iPhone App includes a mileage calculator so every time your customer fills up with gas, they can see how many miles per gallon they’re getting.

How often do they fill up? Once a week? Twice a week?

And they see your business every time they start your iPhone App with mileage calculator.

They also get service reminders based upon the mileage they enter and the time since their last oil change.

Where Are Your Advertising Dollars Going Right Now?

Right now, how much are you paying in marketing costs to get your existing customers to remember you?  Yellow page ads are usually $1000 or more. You’re paying based upon the total # of people they send the Yellow Pages to but many of the people who get the Yellow Pages may never see you.

How much are you paying in newspaper advertisements? It works but is it as effective as you’d like?

What makes your business different than the oil change service station down the road? How does your business stick out from the rest?

Set Your Advertising on Auto-Pilot

A customized iPhone App can immediately set you apart and offer the advertising your business needs to remain stable and grow bigger.

Limited Time and Service Area

We could saturate the market with our Apps but we want our customers to succeed. To do that we build relationships.

We are careful about which companies we choose and their service area – call it an exclusive service area. If you don’t secure your area, will your competitor?

What Does It Look Like?

Sign up below for your FREE Mockup that demonstrates what your Custom iPhone App will look like. No obligation. No high sales pressure – we don’t need to – our product sells itself.


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