Gas Mileage Calculator

Gas MPG – iPhone Gas Mileage Calculator and MPG Logger App

He realized something was WRONG!

When Jim added the fillup information at the fuel pump to Gas MPG, he noticed a drop of 2.45 MPG indicating a problem. Gas MPG was a gas mileage calculator that he used to track and store his fuel usage.

  • He checked his fluid levels – all OK.
  • He didn’t see any spilled fluid under the car.
  • He filled up at the same place he always did.
  • He filled up with the same octane of gas.
  • His tire pressure seemed OK.

What was the problem? “Hmm. Well, maybe I’ll just watch it closely for awhile,” Jim thought.

As Jim pulled out he noticed his car didn’t have as much power as it usually did.

He thought back through his routine the last few days. He’d gone running yesterday morning but he ran frequently so that wasn’t unusual. However, he’d parked on a slight hill that he normally wouldn’t park on.

That’s it! He’d pulled the parking brake because he was on the hill. He quickly checked the parking brake and noticed that a pack of gum was wedged underneath. The parking brake hadn’t completely disengaged!

Jim was lucky that he had a tool that notified him of a drastic change so he could diagnose the problem.

This is what Gas MPG offers you:

  • Gas Mileage Calculator
    • quick and easy entry of fuel information
  • Gas Mileage Log
    • see current and pass MPG information with a quick glance.
    • scroll down the list that is organized from most recent to oldest.

Instantly see your mileage results with a glance at your iPhone App!
==> Simply record the following to track your mileage at each fueling:
– Odometer reading
– Gallons of fuel
– Total price

The summary screen will display
– Date of Fueling
– Distance Traveled
– Fuel Price ($/Gallon)
– Miles Per Gallon (MPG)
– Total Cost in $

This app has been optimized for fast operation even as the number of fuelings increases. Easily edit or update fueling parameters.