Custom iPhone App Development

  • Service Reminders on Your Customer's iPhone
  • Easily Announce New Promotions and Coupons
  • Functionality that Customers Use at Least Once a Week
  • Push a Button to Call Your Business
  • Tap a Button to Email Your Business
  • Save Service Alerts in the iPhone Calendar
We create iPhone Apps for your business that customers can use for daily activities once a week or more. Each time a customer uses your app, you get a little advertising. Maybe the best place to be advertising is on the device that has become an important tool to most customers.

Don’t Uninstall My Businesses App

To prevent you customers from uninstalling your iPhone App, your app needs to be valuable to the customer.

If your iPhone App includes a tool that the customer uses once a week, your business will be seen once a week when they open your app to use the tool AND they won't un-install your app

A Useful Tool for the Customer

You know those small calendars that companies put their name on? The customer keeps it and uses it because it is a useful tool.

You can do the same thing by including a useful tool in your business iPhone App. However, to get to the tool, they need to startup the iPhone App, then navigate past the "Book an Appointment", "Check My Current Status", and "Call Right Now" buttons.

See? You have many chances to be in front of your customer. They don't mind the advertising because that is why the App is free!

Groupon Didn’t Work Out for You?

After your initial discount just to interest Groupon and then after Groupon's cut, you're not left with much. Groupon is popular because it gets you in front of a large audience. It works but it is expensive advertising

With our approach, you set the discount to something that is manageable. You then send out the promotion to everyone who uses your iPhone App. This is a targeted group of customers. If they're interested, they'll take you up on it. If not, they're at least reminded of you once again.