Lodging iPhone Apps

iPhone Apps for Lodging

I don’t need repeat customers!

If this is you then stop reading right now.

Repeat customers are the rocket fuel for the lodging businesses that we’re targeting. If existing customers come back to stay at your hotel or motel, then the need for new customers and the advertising, etc is significantly reduced.

What if your current customers were reminded of your lodging once a week? Would you be the first hotel or motel that they’d call when they came back? Probably.

What’s our secret?

Shhhhh… OK, I’ll tell you.

We include a utility such as a grocery list reminder or gas mileage calculator in our iPhone Apps. Every time the customer uses it, they see your business on the opening screen of your customized lodging iPhone app.

Place yourself in front of a device that most people use multiple times per day – an iPhone app. A lodging iPhone app will advertise your property while you sleep.

We’ll need your help though – you can tell happy guests about your iPhone app.  As part of our service we provide a set of business cards that you can give to your happy guests with the website address.